Privacy Policy

  1. The definition and terms set forth in this paragraph will apply in this “Privacy Policy”:

    “Policy” - this “Privacy Policy”;

    “Site” - this website on which this “Privacy Policy” is posted;

    “EU” means the European Union;

    “Auto-Arenda” - private entrepreneur Konotopets Alexander, registered at Postfach 20 16 11, 80016 Muenchen / Germany under registration number St.Nr .: 145/140/81035; Ust-Nr.:/ID-Nr .: DE283554986.

  2. Who processes your personal data collected through this Site?

    Auto-Arenda is responsible for the processing of your personal data (i.e. any information that will allow you to be identified, directly or indirectly) collected through this Site.

  3. For what purposes does Auto-Arenda collect your personal data?

    Auto-Arenda processes personal data that you voluntarily provide Auto-Arenda through this Site for the following purposes:

    1. Your registration as a client or partner of Auto-Arenda, creating your account and providing you with an internal Site ID.

      This processing is necessary for your identification, as well as for the preparation and processing of your future agreements with Auto-Arenda (booking / rental / transfer, etc.);

    2. Your booking / reservation.

      This processing is necessary to manage your reservation or prepare contracts (for example, lease, rent, or transfer) concluded with Auto-Arenda or our partners. For example, to:

      • confirm and guarantee your order / request;
      • change or cancel a reservation;
      • exchange information with you about your reservation (for example, provide you with information about your reservation, send you a reminder before the start of the rental / transfer, answer your questions or offers);
      • manage accounts if you decide to pay an invoice, pay an advance, pay a debt, etc.
      • manage potential claims;
    3. Preparation and submission of an invoice for you to pay for products / services provided by Auto-Arenda or our partners / agents.

      This processing is necessary to complete the purchase of products / services of Auto-Arenda or our partners. For full details, Auto-Arenda may store your credit card information, subject to your consent, to simplify your future payments.

    4. Improvement of Auto-Arenda products / services based on customer surveys.

      This process, aimed at better understanding the needs of Auto-Arenda customers and offering you individual functions to enhance your convenience and improve the comfort of providing Auto-Arenda services / products or our partners, is based on the “legitimate interests” of Auto-Arenda.

    5. Using online chat on this Site to provide you with preliminary online help.

      This processing, aimed at creating a greater closeness and establishing closer relations with you a faster response to your requests, is based on the “legitimate interests” of Auto-Arenda.

    6. Advertising and marketing activities, namely:
      • sending electronic messages, e-mails, SMS notifications, messages through social networks or instant messengers about special promotions / offers;
      • recording of rental history in order to offer you preferred products / services when searching for a new reservation / rental / transfer;

        • to send you commercial messages; and / or
        • to send you special offers; and / or
        • so that you enjoy special benefits;

          Depending on the volume, quantity, frequency of your orders, the duration of the lease and your activity on our Site (for example, the number of visits);

      • sending emails about your reservation or sending you a summary of your booking request;
      • managing your loyalty program or discounts;
      • organization of advertising contests / sweepstakes;
      • managing and updating the Auto-Arenda customer database.

      Direct marketing actions, i.e. any commercial message from Auto-Arenda aimed at promoting Auto-Arenda products / services, are subject to your explicit consent.

      In exceptional cases, if you are already an Auto-Arenda customer and the message concerns products / services similar to those that you have already purchased, the main processing aimed at promoting these products / services will not be based on your consent, but on the legitimate interests of Auto-Arenda.

      In addition, Auto-Arenda also uses third-party websites, such as social networks, to display targeted advertising that you may be exposed to when visiting these third-party websites.

      The main processing aimed at promoting our products / services is based on the “legitimate interests” of Auto-Arenda.

      These advertisements are displayed and controlled by a third party using its website. In this case, Auto-Arenda will not have direct access to your personal information. You can exercise your rights to data protection, including the right to object to such processing, directly to the third party managing the website on which the targeted advertising is displayed. We recommend that you read the privacy policy and cookie policy of third-party websites in order to better understand the rules that apply to targeted advertising operations and processes to exercise your rights.

    7. fines management, in particular:
      • transfer to the police the data on the identity of the driver (or potential driver);
      • follow the penalties that Auto-Arenda may be subject to; this treatment is required by law;
      • claims in social networks and protection of Auto-Arenda reputation.
    8. Management and updating of the checklist of customers representing certain contractual risks, based on:
      • payment incidents that led to disputes or litigation;
      • traffic accidents or damage caused by Auto-Arenda customers;
      • accidents or losses caused by the fault of the Auto-Arenda customer;
      • use of Auto-Arenda vehicles or our partners in violation of the general conditions of vehicle rental;
      • customer registration in the internal list of violators of the Auto-Arenda terms and conditions (conditionally called the “black list”).

      This processing, aimed at reducing the risks associated with Auto-Arenda, in the implementation of rental agreements, is based on the "legitimate interests" of Auto-Arenda. If you appear in the Auto-Arenda blacklist, your reservation / rental / transfer request will be rejected. Depending on the circumstances, you have the right to challenge such a decision by contacting Auto-Arenda.

      In order to receive complete information, Auto-Arenda performs certain processing of your personal information using cookies and other tracking tools collected each time you visit the Auto-Arenda Website. This processing is governed by the Auto-Arenda Cookie Policy, which we recommend that you review. You can accept or decline these cookies and other tracking tools by following the instructions in the Auto-Arenda Cookie Policy.

  4. Who is the recipient of the personal information we collect about you?
    1. Recipient categories.

      Your personal data will be disclosed as necessary:

      • Auto-Arenda authorized personnel and organizations of the same group, Auto-Arenda franchise network organizations, and Auto-Arenda agent / partner / reseller for the purposes described in this privacy policy;

      • third-party IT service providers for technical purposes to assist Auto-Arenda in providing you access to this Site and Auto-Arenda products / services;

      • regarding the information processed to pay fines to the police;

      • regarding the information processed for the purpose of managing and updating the checklist of customers representing certain contractual risks for Auto-Arenda and our partners;

      • marketing agencies for the preparation and conduct of marketing campaigns;

      • external consultants for various missions during the business activity of Auto-Arenda.

      Auto-Arenda may also disclose your personal data to the extent required by law and / or competent authorities.

    2. International transfers.

      As necessary to provide you with services, Auto-Arenda will, to the extent necessary for the purposes set out in this document, transfer your personal data outside the EU to the aforementioned third parties.

      Depending on the case, some recipients may be in countries that have been recognized by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of data protection, or in countries that have not been recognized as guaranteeing such a level of protection. In any case, Auto-Arenda adheres to appropriate measures to protect your personal data in accordance with EU Regulation No. 2016/679.

  5. For how long will Auto-Arenda store your personal data?

    Your personal data is stored for a different period, depending on the purposes of processing:

    1. Your registration as a client / partner of Auto-Arenda.

      For the time of a commercial relationship. However, information that may indicate a right or agreement on cooperation (rent, transfer, etc.), or which must be stored in accordance with the requirements of the law, may be subject to an intermediate archiving policy for a period that does not exceed the time required for storing data in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

    2. Payment and information about payment cards.

      After the effective completion of the payment. However, payment card information (apart from a visual cryptogram): which may indicate payment (i.e., card number and date of validity), is subject to an interim archiving policy for 13 months after the actual credit card payment and 15 months for a deferred debit card, which will only be used if the transaction is disputed; may be stored for a longer period, subject to your explicit consent to facilitate future payments. In any case, if the payment card has expired, the relevant information will be deleted.

    3. Advertising and marketing activities.

      For Auto-Arenda customers - 3 years from the date of termination of relations with Auto-Arenda.

      For potential customers who are not Auto-Arenda customers - 3 years from the date of collection of your personal information OR from the moment of the last request for information that you made.

    4. The operation of online chat on this Site.

      3 years from the date of termination of relations with Auto-Arenda.

      Please note that Auto-Arenda on this Site uses a third-party chat. Therefore, the data that you enter in the chat window and chat cookies are transmitted and stored not on the Auto-Arenda servers, but directly on the servers of the company that provides online chat services.

    5. Improving Auto-Arenda services based on your preferences.

      3 years from the date of termination of relations with Auto-Arenda.

    6. Payment of fines.

      During the time required to determine the driver (or potential driver) responsible for the violation, which entailed a fine, which cannot exceed 45 days after receiving the fine. However, the relevant information may be stored for a longer period, up to 12 months after the receipt of the fine, provided that the interim archiving policy is respected. Requests from an anti-abuse agency, including personal information, are deleted after Auto-Arenda processes these requests.

    7. Managing and updating the blacklist of clients. “Blacklist” of customers - a list of customers or Auto-Arenda partners with their data representing certain contractual risks, namely:
      • payment incidents;

      • events that led to traffic accidents;

      • relationships that led to litigation;

      • relationships that led to Auto-Arenda losses;

      • events caused by accidents by Auto-Arenda customers;

      • Auto-Arenda damage caused indirectly or directly through the fault of customers.

      For data or similar cases - 3 years from the moment the corresponding event occurs.

    8. Violation of the general conditions / rules of Auto-Arenda when renting vehicles or receiving transfer services.

      5 years since the occurrence of this event.

  6. What rights can you exercise regarding the processing of your personal data?

    According to EU Regulation No. 2016/679, you can also exercise the following rights:

    1. right to “access”: the right to receive confirmation of whether Auto-Arenda processes your personal data;
    2. right to “correction”: the right to receive the correction of inaccurate personal data or the right to fill in incomplete personal data, including by providing an additional application;
    3. the right to “delete” (or the so-called “right to be forgotten”): the right to delete your personal data in certain circumstances; right to “objection”: at any time, the right to objection to the processing of your personal data in order to prevent the continuation of such processing:
      • where your data is processed for direct marketing purposes;

      • where your personal data is processed based on the legitimate interests of Auto-Arenda.

        Your request will be satisfied only if you provide Auto-Arenda with a description of the specific situation substantiating your request so that Auto-Arenda has legal grounds for the necessary actions in your specific situation.

    4. the right to “withdraw your consent”: if the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time and prohibit Auto-Arenda from continuing to carry out such processing;
    5. Right to “data portability”: if the processing of your personal data is based on your consent and is carried out by automated means, the right to receive your personal data provided by Auto-Arenda and transfer this data to a designated third party.
    6. “deceased person” right: the right to determine guidelines for the processing of your personal information after your death.

    If you want to exercise any of these rights, please contact Auto-Arenda through the email or phone numbers listed on this Site.

    To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before providing access or making corrections.

    According to article 77 of the EU rules No. 2016/679, you can file a complaint about the processing of your personal data with the data protection authority in your country if you think that the processing of your personal data violates the EU regulation No. 2016/679.

  7. How does Auto-Arenda protect your personal data?

    Auto-Arenda is committed to protecting the information that it collects and stores through this Site.

    Auto-Arenda uses appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized, or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage to your personal data.

    Auto-Arenda systems are configured using data encryption technologies and use firewalls. When you submit personal information to the Auto-Arenda Website over the Internet, your data is protected by TLS technology to ensure secure transmission.

  8. What rules apply to the processing of your personal data when clicking on the links posted on the Auto-Arenda Website that lead to Auto-Arenda partner websites or other websites?

    On this Site you can find various links to the websites of Auto-Arenda partners or other third-party websites. Auto-Arenda would like to draw your attention to the fact that this privacy policy does not apply to the processing of your personal data by our partners or other third parties when visiting their respective websites, and that Auto-Arenda is not responsible for such processing. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of Auto-Arenda partners and other third parties to better understand the rules that apply to them when processing your personal data.

  9. Changes to this Privacy Policy.

    This privacy policy was published on February 01, 2020.

    In the event of changes made by Auto-Arenda to this privacy policy, such changes will be published by Auto-Arenda on this Site.

    When the changes have a material effect on the processing of your personal data based on your consent, Auto-Arenda will try to contact you for your new consent.